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FREE NHS Urgent Eye Care 

Official Provider of NHS Kent & Medway Community Ophthalmology Services
The only centre for FREE NHS urgent community eye care in Maidstone
Eye Glasses


High Quality Vision Correction

Using state-of-the-art lenses coupled with our thorough spectacle refractions and high quality frames, we produce highly sought after vision correction which enables you to see clearly and be comfortable in a fashionable and durable product.

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Overnight Vision Correction

Orthokeratology involves sleeping in a set of bespoke contact lenses overnight and seeing clearly once removed in the morning. This works for distance only or both distance and near.
The alternative to laser eye surgery, contact lenses and glasses.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations


The Care You Deserve

For years, patients have depended on us to provide these valuable services. We offer a 6 day NHS acute and routine eye care service. We're dedicated to providing the very best in eye care with in-house medical treatment much like your GP or hospital eye doctor.

Dry Eye Treatment with IPL

IPL - The Lumenis M22

Dry eye disease can occur due to the presence of abnormal blood vessels under the skin surface. These blood vessels deliver inflammatory markers to the eye whilst also altering the normal function of your meibomian glands.


These glands would usually secrete a runny, oily fluid providing lubrication to your eyes and preventing your tears from evaporating. With meibomian gland dysfunction, the glands become blocked as the oil becomes thicker and prevents runny secretions onto the eye surface. Eventually, this can cause the gland to ‘die out’ causing long term dry eye problems.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment utilises light at a specific wavelength which is applied to the surface of the skin around the eyes to destroy the abnormal blood vessels targeting the root cause of the inflammation to the eye and the glands.

The heat created from the treatment also warms the glands and loosens the thickened oils that have clogged the meibomian glands. A manual expression is then carried out after treatment to further release the blockages and increases the function of the glands.

At Eye 2 Eye, we use the latest IPL technology with the Lumenis M22™.


Compared to other IPL systems, the M22™ delivers a consistent level of energy between separate pulses with no energy spikes. This, in turn, creates a much safer treatment whilst allowing a higher, more effective energy level to be used whilst the patented cooled tip also creates a comfortable treatment.

Changeable parameters also mean that the settings can be altered to safely provide IPL treatments for a wider range of skin pigment types and for other facial conditions such as rosacea. A course of four (4) IPL treatments, spaced 2-3 weeks apart, is usually recommended but this is tailored around the needs of your eyes to ensure you achieve the best possible results.


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