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Acute Primary Care Ophthalmology Service

This is a 6 day a week acute/emergency eye problem service. The service is provided under the NHS for patients across Kent & Medway. We aim to see all patients within 36 hours and it is advisable to call ahead so we can issue you a time slot to attend. Patients are accepted as self-referrals or referrals from any optician, GP, NHS 111 or Maidstone A&E. All appointments and any medical treatment prescribed issued under the NHS, much like seeing your GP or hospital eye doctor.


Community Ophthalmology

These ophthalmology clinics are carried out twice a week. This is not a walk-in service. We accept and see routine referrals from opticians, GPs and Maidstone hospital. These can be for a range of conditions, however, most commonly for conditions such as Glaucoma, Macula Degeneration or miscellaneous eye concerns where other professionals are not sure of the cause and would like further investigation or opinion from one of our therapeutic specialists.


Aftercare in the Community

For patients who have had their cataract surgery in the hospital without complications, we provide a service whereby we can carry out the final 2 week followup in the community before deciding whether to discharge or manage in the event of any complications. This service will be offered to you, if suitable, after your initial followup to surgery at the hospital.


Discover Optilight, Punctal Plug Fitting and more

This private service involves an initial consultation where the cause of dry eyes is established along with any contributing factors such as blepharitis. We will advise on natural ways to help as well as medical and non-medical management. This may involve offering treatment with punctal plugs or the revolutionary new Optilight treatment which uses the latest technology allowing patients to be drop-free for a lengthy period of time.

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