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Discover Freedom...


Coral Reef


No contact lenses, No glasses, No laser... Simply clear vision all day at all distances

Imagine putting in a set of bespoke lenses at night before bed, waking up in the morning and removing your lenses. The result is simply crystal clear vision without the need for glasses, experiencing the discomfort of contact lenses when they dry out or the complications associated with laser eye surgery. A revolutionary and proven vision therapy that will give you true freedom from glasses without the need for surgery and as a bonus it can work to correct both distance and near prescriptions simultaneously. There are also plenty of benefits over contact lenses as well such as being able to swim and see clearly and relief from complications such as dry eyes.

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Soft, RGP and Hybrid lens fitting

We offer contact lens fitting for all types of lenses including soft, hard (RGP) and the latest hybrid lenses which are imported from the USA. Contact lenses are designed to be used in conjunction with spectacles and so responsible wear is a must. When worn responsibly, contact lenses can be a great option for your main form of vision correction or simply as an option when playing sports or going on that night out. Whatever your reason, you'll be sure to find an option to offer you the flexibility you seek at competitive prices.

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